Thursday, October 21, 2004

Shake That Booty

I was randomly flicking my television remote today, and stopped longer than my usual 2 seconds on some vague channel that was airing Blue Streak, and I thought that while we are still on the topic of movies on my blog, I’d make a post of the best dances I’ve seen in the movies. Here’s a list of my personal favorites, in no particular order.

  • John Travolta and Olivia Newton - John in Grease
  • John Travolta again, with Uma Thurman dancing at the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest in Pulp Fiction
  • Martin Lawrence doing the jig outside the cop station in Blue Streak
  • Richard Gere doing the Tap Dance in Chicago
  • Chairman Carr and Dan Truhitte dancing in the gazebo on “I am sixteen, going on seventeen” in The Sound Of Music
These are the ones I can think of off the top. What are your favorites? I’d like to know.


Anonymous said...

I love the piece with Arnold Schwartwhathaveyou and Jamie Lee Curtis doing the Tango in True Lies. The music still haunts me.

Anonymous said...

Dances I cannot forget …. The first that comes to mind is a sequence from the greatest epic love story ever translated into a film, Margaret Mitchell's American classic 'Gone with the wind' ..(I actually prefer the book but since we are talking movies …)The famous charity ball scene wherein a recently widowed scarlett, forced into mourning weeds by the society matrons, scandalizes the people of Atlanta city by dancing at the charity ball with the rakish Rhett butler. He offers her the opportunity to be the belle of the ball again, by pledging money for the war effort only if she will dance with him. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about the actual dance but I cannot forget this sequence …the involuntary tapping of scarlett’s feet below her voluminous mourning gown, the naked desire in her eye to dance(brilliantly potrayed by the vivacious vivien leigh) , the deliberate flouting of conventions by Rhett(epitomised to the hilt by the sauve clark gable ) ,a now war profiteer, as he sets scarlett free from her inhibitions in one sweet,swift moment of madness …..The second dance number that sticks to my memory is the final dance sequence from the movie Dirty dancing … where Baby (Jennifer gray) and Johnny(Patrick swayze )declare their love…by 'dirty dancing' to the song ‘now I’ve had the time of my life ….....’ The third is the energetic dance sequence in the movie ‘Titanic’ where a first-class passenger, Rose(Kate Winslet)is dancing and partying with Jack(leonardo Di caprio)the forbidden love of her life ... in a 3rd class steerage… oblivious to the real world, in mad abandon ...…doing something she shouldn't be doing, again defying the social conventions ... through dance .Unforgettable!!! ...thats what they are ..these dances .

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