Monday, October 04, 2004

Understanding Users: Hardware

At a friend’s tech support job in the Dell back office:

Caller: My computer isn’t working. The screen refuses to turn on.
My friend: Sir, I’d have to ask you first, is that a Dell computer you have?
Caller: I think so. The logo looks familiar.
My friend: Sir, the logo reads “DELL”. You can’t miss it.
Caller: Yeah, it looks kinda like the logo.
My friend: Sir, if you can’t read the logo, can you please describe the computer to me, so that I know what you have?
Caller: I have this satellite receiver on top of my screen. It came with the computer.
My friend: Satellite receiver???

Turns out, the caller did have a Dell computer. The caller had placed his monitor upside down, and wasn’t able to read “Dell” off the logo. The “satellite receiver” was the monitor’s inverted swivel stand.

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