Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On X-UA-Compatible

There's been so much said about this...

... that if I write an opinion piece, it will go unnoticed.

So, what do I think anyway? If this is MS's only chance at fixing the web, I love the idea. However, this is a drastic step, and MS cannot botch this up. If they do, no one will want to work for their browser anymore. If no sites are written for their browser, users won't use their browser anymore. As a front-end developer, having to cater to three different browser types (IE6, IE7 and good browsers) with HUGE differences between them, is already a pain in the wrong spots. Adding one more to the mix will only worsen the situation. But if IE8 starts actually behaving like the good browsers, we can finally hope that all our problems will vanish with IE6 and IE7 - whenever that happens.

So, if MS thinks that this is the solution to all their problems, so be it. The world will comply this one last time. This is a lot of trouble. It better be worth it. If this ends up having a less-than-desirable result, MS is doomed. IE is doomed. And the web will be a better place anyway, IE or otherwise.

Thursday, January 24, 2008