Saturday, October 30, 2004

Vaikom Ferry

Vaikom Ferry

This was shot at Vaikom Ferry, Kerala. I know its too much water for one photograph, but this was actually part of a 5 photograph panorama I was trying to create. However, I was never able to stitch them together perfectly. I'll probably compose the entire image someday and post it here. But for now, this single photograph looked really appealing


Jade said...

Do u LIVE in Kerala or something? Or is it just bcoz my state is the most beautiful state in the entire planet *wink* that you keep posting pics of malluland?

I feel SO fucking jealous!!

Rakesh Pai said...

No, I don't live in Kerala. I had been there on a recent trip - you know, the usual "visit the relatives" round. These pics were shot on that trip.
Oh, and yes, it is a lovely state. I wish I could have spent more time exploring the place. I guess that just means I'll have to plan another trip!

Anonymous said...

Hai Mr.Pai, I think its better 'Rakesh de pai' is more cute than rakesh pai. come to vaikom regularly..... explore the beauty... vaikom _vinod at yahoo dot co dot in