Monday, February 28, 2005

MotorShow @ Mumbai

Here are some of my pics from Flickr abouts the Motor Show I had been to recently in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.



Crazy Mod

One hell of a crazy mod


Isn't she beautiful!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Future, Now In Russian

One of my previous posts titled "Web Applications - The Wave Of The Future" has been translated to Russian by Alexander Kachanov. I myself don't know Russian, but I think it's pretty cool to be able to read a post in a language of your choice after it has gone through a human translation.

So, Russian audiences, head to his site if you prefer to read my post in Russian.

Though I've been getting referals from non-english sites discussing my posts, this would be the first time that one of my posts has been translated to a non-english language.
/me swells chest.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Google and Flash

Google And Flash

Now, this is toally surprising to me. I always thought that Flash was bad for SEO, but this search result has proved me completely wrong. I was doing a random search for "All your base are belong to us", and the first hit turned out to be a Flash file!

I didn't know that Google indexes swf files at all. In fact, I always recommended against using Flash for a site primarily for SEO reasons. Since when did Google start indexing Flash files?

Even more interstingly, the little line below the main hit result link shows a link to "View as HTML". Unfortunately, when I tried, none of these links worked. Looks like Google is broken there.

This is really interesting. Not only is Google able to spider and index swf files, it is also able to potentially convert them to HTML files! How can Google access the content of the swf file? How can it sensibly convert that data to an HTML file? (Can someone please have a look at those "View as HTML" links and tell me what you see?) Has this been going on for some time now?

Check it out for yourself. Google swf.

Update: It appears that I spoke too soon without adequate research. Google has been indexing Flash files for almost a year now. Check it out! Even so, don't you think this Google-Flash thing deserves more attention? How come no one has been talking about it? Can someone shed some light on the topic?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Flowery Fuzz

Flowery Fuzz

I apologize for not posting too frequently anymore. There is a lot of work piled up, and for once I am running short of time.

This post is just my way of saying that this blog is not dead, though it might seem like it at first sight. It is just one of those slow-downs. There are a lot of things I have planned out for this blog, and I'll start doling them out as soon as I am sure I can get it out of the drafts.

P.S. I have entered this photo in the Photo Friday challenge this week, for the theme "Distorted". If you have nothing better to do, please go over and drop me a vote. If I win, I promise you and your entire family GMail Invites. I've got lots! I know that using GMail invites as bribe doesn't work anymore, but I can't afford too much more.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Google Hitting Me Hard

One would think that the number of visitors to a blog would drop, considering that it is not updated frequently.

However, in my case, my hits have been steadily increasing over the last two weeks. One of the largest source of these hits (about 14%!) is Google Image Search, pointing to an old post and its pic.

Now, that pic is one of my all time favourites. I had clicked that pic just casually, and the uploaded version is un-touched-up. It is also one of my first macro shots ever. That pic will remain a special one for me.

What makes me curious is, how come I have such a sudden surge of visitors going to see that pic? Unfortunately, the Google Image Search referrer URL doesn't give me any details of the search string, or their referrers. I tried doing basic searches at Google Images, but that didn't turn up my pic for the keywords I could come up with.

If anyone has come here from Google Image Search, could you please tell me how you got here?