Monday, August 27, 2012

Long time, no see

Wow. My last post here was over a year ago. Surprisingly, this blog is chugging along with its couple-of-hundred hits per day even now, thanks to all the Google-juice!

My last post was about Aceseller. A bunch of stuff has changed since then, and undoubtedly it's time for an update. ("Undoubtedly" in the sense that someone might probably care about it, but more importantly because I need this stuff documented.)

Aceseller was (and still is) an excellent idea. We just didn't have enough juice to make it work. By juice I mean several things. But let's not mull over that - in the scheme of things it isn't relevant. It's an idea that's up for grabs for a team that's more capable than we were. It will definitely make a bunch of people rich, while making a significant dent in how business is done in India. I'm still excited about the idea, as should anyone who ventures into this space. It's crazy cool! If you have the know-how to make it work, get in touch! (I'll likely crush your sprits though.)

However, due to several reasons, we had to call it quits. Everyone else in the gang went back to their jobs. Big blow. I decided to give it one more shot - this time solo - with Errorception. Turns out, it wasn't such a bad idea.

Errorception has been doing very well, but it didn't look like that for a long time. I went broke by the time I launched Errorception (the ~5 months of savings spent on Aceseller didn't help), and was forced to take up odd consulting jobs to be able to support myself. I have been adamant about not having co-founders or taking funding - I didn't want to substitute one form of slavery with another. Errorception isn't perfect yet - I don't know how anyone can call their product "perfect" with a straight face - but it's getting better everyday. I've been blogging about Errorception on the Errorception blog on a some-what regular basis. What I thought was an uninteresting space to be in turned out to be fiercely competitive and surprisingly fast moving. It has kept me on my toes.

So that's my update. It has been an exciting year, and it promises to get better. Here's to more exciting times!

PS: This is the third time I'm saying it on this blog, but I'll say it anyway: This blog isn't dead. I've got a lot to share, and I've got a lot of exciting things lined up for the future, and only this blog is the appropriate place to write about it. So, watch this space!