Friday, June 24, 2005

Chainsaw In Red And Blue

Chainsaw in blue plastic wraps

So, two days ago at 3 in the morning, the huge tree opposite my house came crashing down with the wind and rain, breaking a compound wall, shattering a couple of windows in my apartment, and crushing two cars among other things. Fortunately, other than one really dumb guy who ran toward the broken glass to see what happened, no one was hurt. The fire-brigade was there in minutes and chainsawed the tree into managable chunks to clean the place up.

I got this pic when they were busy planning their strategies.

For those interested, I have a couple of more pics on Flickr.

Friday, June 10, 2005

On The Edge Of The World

The Edge Of The World

The funny thing about computer games is that every map has an edge. It's called The Edge Of The World. It always looks like a hazy area fading into blackness. An area you just can't access.

If I was living my life in a computer game as a game character, I'd know it wasn't real if I came to The Edge Of The World.

This pic was shot in Podanur, not too far from where this pic was shot.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

What Would You Do?

Let's say you are a freelancing web developer and designer. You take pride in the quality and technology of the stuff you deliver. You like to work on the bleeding edge of web technology. You will go out of your way if necessary, to implement solutions that are apt for the client's business. You like to study their way of working and the goals of their site, and prepare a solution that makes good sense for their business, both technologically and economically.

You are just starting out with your career. You have no money. You are almost completely broke. You could do with any project that will bring in money.

A prospective client from a wealthy country approaches you with a great deal. He is willing to pay you outrageous amounts of money for getting his website developed. There's only one hitch.

The site contains sexually suggestive content.

What Would You Do?

PS. If you are wondering, I bailed out. I might be the century's biggest fool, but sometimes money isn't everything, I guess. Let's just say I didn't do it because of ideological issues.