Monday, October 04, 2004

Search Added

I've added a very simple search facility to my site now, by popular demand (from at least one person). The search box is available on every page of my site, in the side-bar on the right. The search is powered by Google. That means, the search might not be comprehensive and depends on which pages of my site Google has indexed. Also, when you do a search, you are redirected to the familiar Google search results page. I hate this too, but Blogger really doesn't allow me to do much more.

I started with the Google SearchSite code, and hacked my way through to get rid of the radio buttons and the Google logo. I also got rid of their tables and ugly font tags and instead used CSS to style the form, and generally made the code more XHTML compliant. Just so that the guys at Google don't get pissed, I added a "Powered by" link to them. I would have used their logo, but it was not looking good on my site at all. Sorry, Google.

At least I have some sort of search mechanism now! Let me know if you dislike it in its current avatar, and I'll see what I can do.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Nerd ,

Thanx for looking out for your Not-So-Web-Savvy-User ( read that as me )..This has made things easier to locate ,and if i find it 'user friendly' ...then i guess you can pat your own back for a job well done !!:-p