Friday, June 24, 2005

Chainsaw In Red And Blue

Chainsaw in blue plastic wraps

So, two days ago at 3 in the morning, the huge tree opposite my house came crashing down with the wind and rain, breaking a compound wall, shattering a couple of windows in my apartment, and crushing two cars among other things. Fortunately, other than one really dumb guy who ran toward the broken glass to see what happened, no one was hurt. The fire-brigade was there in minutes and chainsawed the tree into managable chunks to clean the place up.

I got this pic when they were busy planning their strategies.

For those interested, I have a couple of more pics on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Hey nerd,

Whats up? Did that chainsaw suddenly come to life and eat you up whole or what? What happened to all the postings? Looks like you lost interest in blogging after going to Mallu' land.


Rakesh Pai said...

Hardly lost interest, Buds. In fact there are dreams of making it bigger and better.

It's just one of those slow downs. You know how it goes. It'll pass.

Anonymous said...

cool.. you shouldve stolen it and passed it on to me. it would've been fun using it on one of engineering college professors...*sigh*.. oh well!

once just before the monsoons.. a tree caught fire near our building!!! buhaha. it was amazing.. and the response ofthe fire brigade was pretty good too.. 20 mins..and its out and all the tamasha is over and done with.

Rakesh said...

Whats with the chainsaw man. got stressed up with life or something...