Sunday, June 05, 2005

What Would You Do?

Let's say you are a freelancing web developer and designer. You take pride in the quality and technology of the stuff you deliver. You like to work on the bleeding edge of web technology. You will go out of your way if necessary, to implement solutions that are apt for the client's business. You like to study their way of working and the goals of their site, and prepare a solution that makes good sense for their business, both technologically and economically.

You are just starting out with your career. You have no money. You are almost completely broke. You could do with any project that will bring in money.

A prospective client from a wealthy country approaches you with a great deal. He is willing to pay you outrageous amounts of money for getting his website developed. There's only one hitch.

The site contains sexually suggestive content.

What Would You Do?

PS. If you are wondering, I bailed out. I might be the century's biggest fool, but sometimes money isn't everything, I guess. Let's just say I didn't do it because of ideological issues.


Anonymous said...

I am sure you have done the right thing. There will be other opportunites to make money but something tells me that you would never be happy doing something just for the money.
I know for sure that I wouldn't be able to resist this offer though, but thats coz I am like the other 99% of the people. celebrate the fact that you are not like 'the others'

Anonymous said...

I think on this occasion your beliefs and opinions were stronger than the needs of your circumstances.

There is never a right or wrong decision, just consequences and then more decisions.

We make decisions based on what we know; weighing our personal ideals against our knowledge of the world. Two years ago your decision may have been so much easier, 6 months from now your decision might have been the opposite, and still neither decision would be wrong.

Life is always about choice; choice and fear of change.

Rakesh Pai said...

Hey JD,

I don't know how you see this as an Indian influence. I'm taking this decision purely for professional reasons.

I gave up the project because I do not want to associate myself with that industry. I'm sure I'll find a lot of projects to exhibit and get appreciated for my work, but this is not one of them. Enough said.

By the way, I used to work at the counter in a fast-food joint right here in Mumbai for my summer holidays when I was in school. And I'm proud of it.

Rakesh Pai said...

Well written, Steven. I couldn't have put it in a better way. I agree totally.

Sachin Nayak said...

I guess i would have taken it up. Maybe because that's one place where i have heard of some really good technology being used. Consider video streaming, live chats, etc. etc. Suggest me some other category of web sites which will require all of these features.

Anonymous said...

U should watch

PARVEZ said...

I just wish, u don’t see a day, where u would have to regret your decision. Good luck

Anonymous said...

To my point of view you made absolutely perfect desigion. I had a few situation in my life when I agreed to do smth. because of some practical worth, but it always failed by the end as my soul didn't want to do it from beginning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rakesh,
Not sure if i would have done the same thing though. As long as it is not something illegal, I don't see what is wrong with taking on the project. Admittedly, I don't know the ins outs of it and I am sure you have very good reasons for turning it down and I am sure the next big one is not far away either. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Woah!!! tinkling... Whats up with that man?? Get paid for doing stuff with porn..and you declined. Well i'm sure you were absotively drunk then. Hope you are sober now and .....HELLLLOOOOO. Wait till I get there and knock some sense into you. Hey....did the site not appeal to your fetish(es) ;) LOL. I guess not staying with Buds anymore has "softened" you up (pun intended) LOL. Anyway, any of you other chums..for nerds myopic eyes only.