Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not Jobless Anymore

I just picked up my offer letter from HSBC Asset Management yesterday, for the position of Executive - Web Design.

I still get to continue doing my freelance projects as I was, though an immediate slow-down is inevitable. I've been doing it for more than two years now, and simply quitting would be impossible.

I am still to settle down at the new job with the new work timings (I'll actually have to get up in the morning), new bunch of work-related problems (for starters, I'll have to make an hour long train commute to work everyday) and new dress code (I understand I can't code in my underwear anymore). I start the routine on Monday.

I hope this means that I'll get a lot more time at hand to do more reading (my feed reader indicates that I have more than 4000 unread items in my box), and writing (and you thought I had plans to wrap up this blog soon). I will also hopefully get more material on and exposure to real-world web-based issues.

Anyway, for now, it's time for celebrations. Time for hitting that bottle of beer. Again. After all, it's a new excuse.


Jade said...

Hey! Congratulations on your new job! Yes, I did think you were going to wrap up your blog. Nice to see that I was wrong.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nerd,

Congrats, Dude! Great news. Remember not to get drunk and go to work on monday ;)


vik said...


Way to go man....Trust me, no one here is as happy as me...COngrats man!

PARVEZ said...

Congrats Nerd

Sachin Nayak said...


And since when did you start searching for reasons to get to the beer bottles?

Unknown said...

Good Luck & Congratulations

Anonymous said...