Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Use Firefox

Everyone please spread the word. Firefox is the only way for us to make the web a better place.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I'd opt for Opera? ;-)

best regards

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! Firefox with it's webdevelopers plugin/tool is especially usefull for webdesigners.
Just installed opera this day so no experience with that browser. What's your opinion on that?
Greetings from the Netherlands, Matthijs

Anonymous said...

I really don't know about Opera. I've used it very sparsely. Any regular Opera users? How do you find the features? The compatibility? The support? The UI?

Anonymous said...

I heavily use Opera. I like the mouse-gestures. I like the possibilities for customization. There are some add-ons that are a great help for web-designing: has to be mentioned. It is very well supported via the forum at and their mailing list.
Regarding support for standards (XHTML and CSS) I'd think firefox and opera are equal but I cannot really tell.
Opera just added voice-control. AFAIK Opera was the first browser with mouse-gestures. So it seems they are quite innovative.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention M2, Opera's email-client ( Marvelous.