Sunday, September 05, 2004

Mozilla Goes From Strength To Strength

According to the stats at W3Schools, the usage of Mozilla browsers has nearly doubled in the last nine months alone, from the earlier 8.2% to 14.9%. Internet Explorer 6.0 and 5.x still command 70.5% and 7.0% respectively.
This as now been repeated over and over, but I'll say it yet again: Please stop using Internet Explorer. It is harmful to your computer, harmful to the Internet itself, doesn't help your security, is detrimental the future of the Internet, and is helping an already rich and powerful corporate to take total control over the open and free Internet, which will eventually make us Netizens lose our freedom of choice of software. This is not just a rant, or some stupid speculation - this is happening right now, and you are helping this happen if you are using Internet Explorer. Besides, Internet Explorer is the worst browser on the planet, anyway. The benefits of using Internet Explorer are too little, and the faults too great. Let's all get this plague out from the Internet society.
Instead, use a next-generation, standards-compliant, feature rich, light-weight, high-security browser, that actually cares about the best practices on the Internet. I'd recommend using Mozilla Firefox (free - no strings attached, open source, 4.8MB download - three times smaller than the typical Internet Explorer update!), though you could also choose from Netscape, Opera and Safari among other browsers.

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