Friday, September 03, 2004

MSN Music Store - Music To Your Ears?

Microsoft's MSN today officially opens the MSN music store. At $0.99 a song and $9.90 for an album, this might be pretty good. But they still can't beat the prices of my file-sharing network. (Oops! Did I say that too loud?)
Currently, this site is only in a beta US version. The international version may be released in October.
Their site, as expected, doesn't validate (725 HTML 4.01 errors, 457 CSS errors, and miles away from Section 508 Accessibility Standards). Looking at their code turns up some interesting finds.

  • The doctype declaration is on line 10 of the file. After a noscript tag and a bunch of script tags.
  • The HTML is all in mixed case.
  • The page uses (sigh) table based layouts.
  • There is a script tag after the closing HTML tag. And then a span tag too.
Yes, this is 1996. No, the web hasn't gotten better. This is a Microsoft world. Software doesn't get better. Only more expensive.

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