Tuesday, August 31, 2004

License To Drive

I just got my driving license today. Anyone who has seen me drive will be surprised.
Even more surprising was the test process.

Driving Test Instructor: (Pointing to a 'X' on a paper) Put your thumb impression here.
Me: er... I can sign...?
Driving Test Instructor: Did I ask you to sign? (Points to tbe 'X' again, impatiently, and repeats slowly.) Just put your thumb impression here.
Me: Ok. (I push my thumb into a ink pad, and then jab it on the paper.)
Driving Test Instuctor: (Pointing to the door) The exit is that way.

That was my driving test. Now we know why we have so many accidents!


Anonymous said...

Geeez!!!!its so simple to get a licence huh ?!! and here i thought i actually needed to learn to drive a car ....silly me ! instead of having road safety weeks ...the RTO ppl should have promos like ..."got a thumb ?.... then get your licence "..
...On a serious note ... i just heard a conversation in one of the chatrooms ...where a guy was lamenting about him being sixteen ..and hence not getting a licence ... within the next 5 minutes .. he got 'SOUND' advice from atleast six to seven people about how to get a licence ... not only that they explained the procedure to get fake birth certificates .. nice ? huh !!... and the ironical part is .. the conversation started because one of the guys just met with an accident due to negligent driving ..two minutes back he was cussing bad drivers and then within minutes he's signing someones death warrant by encouraging the doofy 16 year old to get a fake licence ... and then we have the gall to crib about bad roads and accidents !!!!..... THE BYKED WYTCH

Anonymous said...

oh boy!!! thats really sad the way u got your licence.
but cool.......who cares as long as u dont drive my car and i dont sit in the car u drive. he he.

drashti.........come on.......u should have logged on by now. those invites are not easy to come by.


Rakesh Pai said...

Byked Wytch: I've heard a lot of people forge documents to get their licenses. I am not into that kind of crime. I only drove illegally for 6 years.

Anonymous: Chances are we will end up next to each other in the car. Chances are, we will have this talk again then. Let's save it for that time. :P For now, I'll just pester other people for cars.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nerd,
Really!!! People love to go the easy way dude. Tell me would you prefer the real and hard way .Imagine you actually taking a drivig test with the inspector next to you eating your brains , after you have waited for endless hours for your turn to come all thanks to our every growing population and finally having to pay him what some might call royalty.I think not.You may have had to come there 'n' no. of times too.
So I would say its easier for all of us.This way they can keep up with the no. of applications per day. In mumbai people prefer the fast life. This way the RTO can keep up to this.

Anonymous said...

HEy rax,
Congrats man on getting your license. You remember the days we used to fight every night after playin pool and having the paan, abt whos gonna drive back home??... You need to give me some credit man!...vikram

Rakesh Pai said...

I owe you more than just credit. Yours is the car I went on the third gear for the first time. Yours is the car I floored on the fifth for the first time. Yours is the only car I have scratched (ok, banged). And you were the only one gutsy enough to hand over the car to me, when everyone else thought that I'd treat their cars like a remote-control toy. Thanx a million, man. Going by the way licenses are given, I'd have got it anyway. But I wouldn't have thought about applying if not for you.