Monday, August 30, 2004

Insect Eggs Behind A Leaf

Insect eggs behind a leaf. Click for larger version

Insect eggs behind a leaf

I have a whole album of these pics I shot in Kerala and Kodaikanal on a recent trip (registration required), at Imagestation. I'll eventually have a copy of all those images here. I just had to start with this one.


Anonymous said...

i soooooooo like this pic ....and considering that they are not pearls but future insects to be ....:-S and if anyone can make me admire icky insects..then i must admit ...i cant fake to be knowledgeable about photography ...but your pics just rawk man !!! keep em rolling

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Fairy Alex said...

I absolutely adore this image, especially in light of the fact that those are future insects rather than pearls:-S I can't pretend to be informed about photography, but your pictures are really awesome dude! If somebody can make me like disgusting insects, then I must confess. Keep things going. By the way, Contact assignment help london if ever you need help with your assignment because they are providing assignment help at very cheap prices that's why I used this site and now I will share this with my all friends and I will suggest you use this.