Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Heat About Fahrenheit 9/11

I definitely recommend Fahrenheit 9/11 for those who have no idea whatsoever about the story behind Prez. Bush, the Saudi oil companies and the economics of war. But most of us know the story already. So, basically, the target audience for this movie is, well, no one!

The style in which Michael Moore handled the subject isn't very graceful. I think he had NO point to make in the movie. He starts by talking about the Bush Administration, then about Saudi funds, then about the Iraq war and in the second half of the movie, he trails off into a boring Oprah Winfrey style personal account of a (yes, fat) woman (with a lot of make-up) who lost her son in the war. Don't get me wrong - I have the deepest sympathies for the martyrs of the war. But I was really in the mood for catching up on the director's view of the 9/11 attacks - you know, the World trade center, NYC, what it must have been like for the people there, about the planes, the hijackers, stuff like that (of which, there was surprisingly little), and not seeing a fat woman with her equally oversized husband and her entire family sitting on their living room couch and crying away for half an hour in the movie. Really!

The only action in the movie was the argument with the lady sitting in front of me, complaining that my legs were digging into her ass. When she started getting REALLY vocal about it, I kindly suggested she should have told me earlier, and I'd have stopped.

She: Why do you think I was looking at you?

Oh! I should have spotted her looking at me. What was I doing in a movie hall watching the movie anyway!


Anonymous said...

I caught the mind numbing docu drama with a friend last evening (talk about coincidences!!! ) and couldn't agree more with you . A pity really coz the director's obvious good sense of humour would have made for a smart n snazzy film ,had he not got carried away by unnecessary histrionics and a serious case of confusion ,that kinda diluted whateva confused message he was trying to convey . LESSON TO BE LEARNT : ranting never works !!!

Jasmine said...

Come on, Rakesh, it wasn't THAT bad. Agreed, it was thoroughly one sided, but then, Bush DESERVES that. It was quite shocking, how the Bush family has manipulated an entire country (and the world) for their own financial gains. It has been said that the movie could have been better edited, but hey, we ARE talking about a documentary here, you know?
The title of the movie is pretty misleading, coz the only thing directly connected with 9/11 was the audio at the beginning. I thought that was pretty smart, leaving the viewers with a dark screen and only the audio to supplement their imagination.
Plus, the humour of the movie is undeniable. I particularly enjoyed the scene with the Senators running away from Moore and his clipboard asking them to enlist their children for the war.
And yes, I agree with you, the emotions were overdone. But, in the end, if this movie helps get Bush out of office(as it undoubtedly has the power to do), well, the world benefits, doesn't it?