Monday, September 20, 2004

Amazon Launches A9

Today was the official launch of, the search engine from Amazon. I wouldn’t really call this a search engine; rather, it is a search web-application. The search results aggregated are sorted out into web results, books, images, movies, reference, etc. The web search results are from Google. I don’t think A9 is trying to compete with Google, or even to add to their functionality. Instead, this might be catering to separate audience, like Slashdot says.

This site uses GMail style JavaScript interfaces. Interesting. There is a definite trend in the way web pages are being developed, and A9 is furthering it. Other than that, there are a couple of other features that seem to be interesting. But some of them require me to spend time with the site searching. They claim to be able to “remember” which pages I visited and when I visited them, which is probably useful if you’ve ever wanted to get back to what you had surfed up earlier. I am more comfortable searching through my history though, if you ask me, and don’t see this as a Unique Selling Point. Maybe I missed something.

I’ll post more about A9 if I ever get around to using it. Meanwhile, tell me what you think of A9.

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