Friday, June 20, 2008

IE Congratulates Firefox

... on shipping Firefox 3.0.

The comments from around the web are hilarious:
  • Don't eat it.
  • Is it not poisoned?
  • That cake will give you CSS rendering errors, in your colon.
  • Moments later the cake hit a knife/plate standard it wasn't compliant with.
  • It must have been hard for them to put "love" on the cake
  • As you eat away the icing, you'll see that the cake is blue... little by little, it's becoming clear... it's the blue screen of death!
  • Congratulations on shitting the IE7 Team
  • ...did it come with an End User License Agreement...?
  • There should be some bugs inside the cake.
  •'s probably half baked too!
  • I guess that box was rendered in quirks mode.
  • Sheesh, even their cake has box model bugs.
  • I was wondering what the IE team had been doing for the past 3 years...
  • There's actually an IE team?
  • [Apple] snuck their cake through during the last Quicktime update.
  • And if you didn't like the candles, you had to replace the whole cake.
  • ...that the cake tasted pretty good, but as they started to dig in, they sadly realized that instead of a whole cake, they had actually gotten a thin layer of cake on top of a cake-shaped support structure made of toothpicks and glue.
  • Turns out they forgot to add sugar to the cake. That will be added on Patch Tuesday.
  • Good luck getting the recipe for that cake.

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