Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Firefox's USP

During an idle conversation with a friend this afternoon:

She: You know, these days I get pop-ups with Firefox.
Me: Yeah I know. Those darn advertising guys. They've found a way around the pop-up blocker.
She: But the pop-up blocker was the greatest thing about Firefox. I'm afraid there's not much difference left between Internet Explorer and Firefox this way.

I considered starting an argument about standards, and how Firefox is going to save the world, but I knew that was futile. For the lay-person, Firefox gave a better experience when surfing. And now, that experience is threatened.

She is terrifyingly correct.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the SitePoint folks using an `onclick` event on the `body` (I assume) to fire a popup...

Anonymous said...

Hey, but we do have tabs left, don't we? So far, at least... :)

Anonymous said...

She : Yea Mikelis, Thank God for small mercies.. We still do have tabs left.
*keeps fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

And Firefox just looks slicker, and has plugins like Sage, and can be restyled, and feels sexier, and performs better...

Shame it takes so long to fire up!