Monday, March 21, 2005

Protesting To The Gods

After what seems like ages, I turned on television today, and happened to stop by at the local cable channel. The screen, instead of showing the latest Bollywood movie, showed scrolling text on a black background.

Due to the sad demise of Mr. Sanjay Gupta (Cable Operator / Distributor) of New Bombay. We will unanimously keeping the cable channel shut in protest.


Anonymous said...


Thats nothing...I saw somethin worse. I once couldnt see the India vS England Cricket Test series because the cable operator was not willing to pay 37 cents extra per home to the channel.


Anonymous said...

So how is that worse Vikram? I completely understand the cable operators POV. Imagine wasting 37 cents on a cricket series.
That too per home. What a collosal waste!!!

Anonymous said...

I mean ' colossal '...

vik said...

Well its atleast better than spending 250 bucks a month on saas-bahu soaps, item and remix numbers and pathetic news stories :)

Anonymous said...

That's not spending, that's sheer, senseless, squandering. Cricket is relatively harmless... and considerably cheaper I believe.