Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now Look What You've Done!

You have re-elected Bush? You actually did that? Out of your own choice? What were you thinking?

Have fun, America! Don't say you weren't warned. The world is watching as the stupidest leader (and the most dangerous one, at that) of the world's most powerful democracy gets re-elected. Let the sequel to the show begin!


Anonymous said...

I am an American and I hate Bush. I did not vote for him and neither did any of my friends. I know many, many people who are completely beside themselves because of this.

In case you weren't aware, the election was split down the middle 48/52% Do you realize that half of the American population, close to 3 million people, opose him as a leader?

I'm on your side with this one, along with millions of other compassionate, level headed Americans. Enough with the chastising comments. I realize that there are probably about 10 people who read your blog, but you just made it 9.

Rakesh Pai said...

I am surprised, too, with Bush's victory. I am surprised, because I've seen what he has done. I am surprised because I've seen what kind of potential he has. I am surprised because it's not like the Americans didn't know this. I am surprised because almost everyone (ok, at least more than half the population) was waiting to vote for Kerry.

So, if Bush was such a bad choice, how did he come back to power? Who's to blame?

I only wrote out what I thought in my head. I have never been angry at a whole country before, and I have never used the tone that I used in this post. But that only shows how disturbed I have been. I know it is not a good thing to be so vocal about such a large mass of people, but I know is it not a good thing that has happened either.