Thursday, November 11, 2004

1 Day, 1,000,000+ Downloads

Thats right, on its launch day itself Firefox has been dowloaded at least a million times, maybe more. Exact figures should come in soon.

Sorry for talking so much about Firefox here, but I just can't seem to contain my excitement. After all, this is nothing short of revolutionary.


Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

that figue is not correct buddy!

check out for details.

the download counts thats show there is not the download counts but referral hits that the page " gets cos of button referrals.

long live the fox!

Rakesh Pai said...

Hey Abdul Bijur!

The link in my post points to a post on itself. In their first paragraph, the author has <strong>ed the following: at least one million downloads ... on launch day.

Since you pointed out, I double checked again, and the current download count is over 2.1 million since launch day. I am sure there must be some confusion. The counter on the right of the page is not the referral count, but the download count.