Saturday, November 13, 2004

Of Bombs And Balls

I don't think I can ever forget this story from our first year in engineering during Diwali time.

We were in the 4th block in our hostels. For some reason, the guys were taking some small bombs, lighting it, and throwing it inside the hostel rooms just to scare the living daylights out of the room inmates.

In one such room couple of rooms down the corridor, one guy – let's call him Scott – was sleeping comfortably in his bed. Someone lit a bomb and chucked it in his room. It landed up on his bed, right between his legs. Everyone just gawked in shock, realizing that time is very short before he loses it all. Silence took over for a quick moment.

Probably because of the comfort of the sudden silence, but Scott pulled his blanket over him! The yellow of the sparks of the bomb were still visible through the white blanket he had pulled over him.

Fortunately for him, this other guy jumped on him and put out the bomb before it went off. Very fortunately for him. If not, he would have been ball-less, as a matter of saying.

Every single time I listen to this, I roll on the floor laughing. The way the bomb had to land between his legs, and the way Scott had to pull his blanket over it was impeccable timing. Thank God nothing went wrong!

Not OT: I've heard of three stories of small fires this Diwali itself from among my neighbors and friends. It’s a fun festival, but make sure you play safe at all times. Happy Diwali again! And wish you a great New Year!

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