Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've done a couple of minor changes to this blog's UI. Nothing dramatic, but I thought I should draw your attention to it, especially if you are one reading only from my Atom/RSS feed.

The first change came from realizing that my posts are longer than they should be. Somehow, I can't seem to compress them beyond what I already do. Long pages are a pain the wrong spots to read, so I decided to expand Douglas Bowman's original layout to a fluid width page, so that my posts consume lesser vertical space. (I just noticed that Steve Yegge has done similar fixes - I'm flattered.)

Secondly, and sort of to compensate for my lowered rate of posting on this blog, I've included two new feeds you can subscribe to on this blog. You can find latest updates to these feeds in the right sidebar. First is my feed from, which happens to be my bookmarking service of preference. Secondly, is my list of shared RSS feeds from my Google Reader. Both of these feeds get updated more frequently than my blog itself, so you might find these interesting.

This way, not only do you keep in touch with what I'm writing, you can also keep in touch with the stuff I'm reading. Expect to find some tech humor in these feeds too ;). Here's the rule of the thumb: The two new feeds reflect what I'm thinking strongly about, but I do not necessarily have an opinion about. My blog is my list of opinions. That's the difference.

I've been testing these thingies on my blog for some time now, so if you've been around here recently, you might have already noticed these changes. I just thought I'd wait a bit before I can announce these new things - turns out Google is doing a reasonable job of ensuring these things work, after all. ;)

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