Monday, September 19, 2005

Google Indexes The Future

I love Google, if you haven't gathered from my blog already. But now I love it even more. If you haven't checked out Google Desktop, you should. What is really cool about it, is that it even indexes files you haven't created yet, so that you can search through it. It makes for a really powerful search, since you can get documents from the future today. Take a look at the screenshot of the indexing status if you don't believe me.

Google Indexes the Future


Sachin Nayak said...

Yes, Even i am that Google guy, etc.etc. But i would suggest using Copernicus Desktop Search. Have found it to be more "friendly".
Though nothing beats the Google Desk Bar.

Anonymous said...

But the g'damn thing slows down my notebook like crazy. And don't say more RAM. No caveats at the time of download and install. Had to turn it off finally, to regain my sanity. And some much vaunted clock cycles.

Anonymous said...

You changed the clock on your computer silly.