Monday, August 22, 2005

When Referrals Are Funny

Rather frequently, people enter weird things in the search-box in search engines. Very rarely some of those results point to my site. Almost always I note down those search terms. Here’s a partial compilation of the funny search terms that have landed people on this blog.

  • MSN: Man converting lions to Christianity – And a man with a lot of time at hand.
  • Yahoo: Apologize for electing Bush – What kind of search string is that!
  • Yahoo: Why you always feel smarter after a couple of beers
  • Google: Google hacks Jaipur – And I thought Google was not an evil empire.
  • Google: Picture of devil – for some reason, Google repeatedly thinks that I’m some authority in pics of the devil.
  • Google: Kitchen designer in Mumbai – Why on earth is Google sending this guy to my site?
  • Google: Censored Marathi sex articles – I can understand where this guy comes from, but it’s where he comes to that surprises me.
  • Google: Attack of the nerds – yes, I use my site primarily to congregate nerds so that we can take over the world.
  • Google: Parvathi Goddess MP3 – Wow! I didn’t know she was into modern music delivery formats.
  • Google: Haven Pai – I have no clue what that means.
  • Google: Buildings with CSS in Mumbai – Yeah. It’s CSS that makes buildings look good.
  • Google: Web page not responsive in the cash – Well, ever considered having a business model?
  • Google: What is the search string to turn up camera feeds on Google – someone actually typed this. In Google. A search for a search. Cool, huh?
  • Google: Food preparation using microwave oven and Tamil fonts – Should make for a spicy meal.
  • Google: Rakesh is God – I know that already.
  • Google: Illegal Rakesh – Please read the point above.
  • Yahoo: Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love – Of course. Only stupidity can.
  • Yahoo: Atlanta booty shake – Sorry to disappoint you on my site, mate.


Anonymous said...

How did u know Dude? where is this information listed?

Anonymous said...

Hey nerd,

The attack of the nerds thing must be due all the comments I keep entering on your page. The Devil picture they are looking for is your Mug-shot :P


Jade said...

man.. I haven't laughed this much in ages.. :D.

And as for the second search thingy.. there's a site, right? Where people post pics where they're holding up signs saying sorry for electing Bush?

Rakesh Pai said...

Anon, I use Statcounter for getting stats. It isn't what you'd call a power option, but it is sufficient for my needs.

Buds, I think the attack of the nerds hit was indeed due to your comments. And the devil's pic was (thankfully) not my mug-shot, but because I had once made a pic-post titled "The Devil's Kitchen", a place in Kodaikanal. That explains the "Kitchen designer in Mumbai" hit too.

Jasmine, I'm sure there are sufficient sites that are anti-Bush. I have made a lot of anti-Bush comments on this blog too. </BUSH>

vik said...


Awesome post man....guess I should monitor my statcounter more closely now ;)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh friggin god! ...

now THAT was funny ...

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Simply great!Kaushik

Anonymous said... favorite one is "Buildings with CSS in Mumbai" ... thats just too good.

Anonymous said...
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