Thursday, May 12, 2005

Back From God's Own Country

Kerala Backwaters

Just got back from Kerala, so I'm making a quick post. This image was shot at the backwaters in Kerala somewhere about an hour's drive from Ernakulam.

Oh, I had a great trip too, if you have to ask. Kinda tired. I'll post something more soon.


Anonymous said...

Another lovely pic!
I keep planning to go to Kerala but my plans never materialize.*sigh
Hope you had a lovely time and have many more pics to share.
Good to have you back.
Expecting regular updates.

vik said...

It really is God's own country. I had a comprehensive tour of kerala in 2000 and cant wait to get back there. Did you go to Munnar dude? That has to be India's best hill station. No commercialization , no roadside shops selling hats....Pure nature...

Superstar said...

Your pictures are realy great...India is a beautiful country!! where is Kerala located?

Rakesh Pai said...

Thanks, superstar, for the compliments. Kerala is located at the southern tip of India, flanked by the Arabian sea on one side, and a mountain range on the other. It is a lovely place, and photographs like mine don't really do justice to the beauty and serenity of the place.

Superstar said...

Thanks for the info. I will have to visit the next time i go to India. Been to Mumbai (born), Delhi and Goa. Goa is great!
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Pic, I must say. I think you are a better photographer than me. In this shot you did not followed the 'Rule of One Third', but still it's a lovely pic.
One more thing, your images need to be a li'l tweaked in photoshop.
And if i may suggest, i should give some of your shots some tones i mean try sepia or use those filter in Photoshop CS. i guess it would add a new dimension to your shots. Good Luck.
[email protected]

sdsdasdf asdf said...

can u give me the locations(places) that we can travel in kerala, and what may be the duration(days) it takes to complete that travel.