Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Google Hitting Me Hard

One would think that the number of visitors to a blog would drop, considering that it is not updated frequently.

However, in my case, my hits have been steadily increasing over the last two weeks. One of the largest source of these hits (about 14%!) is Google Image Search, pointing to an old post and its pic.

Now, that pic is one of my all time favourites. I had clicked that pic just casually, and the uploaded version is un-touched-up. It is also one of my first macro shots ever. That pic will remain a special one for me.

What makes me curious is, how come I have such a sudden surge of visitors going to see that pic? Unfortunately, the Google Image Search referrer URL doesn't give me any details of the search string, or their referrers. I tried doing basic searches at Google Images, but that didn't turn up my pic for the keywords I could come up with.

If anyone has come here from Google Image Search, could you please tell me how you got here?


Anonymous said...

It's the first result for "flower farmhouse"...

- Mark Wubben

Rakesh Pai said...

Thanks, Mark. Don't know how I missed those words ;).

However, that's an awful lot of people searching for "farmhouse flowers" on Google Images, then! Unless someone is having a link on a popular site to those search results, I think the traffic surge at my end is rather surprising.

That's what I meant to ask - did anyone (who came through Google Image Search) come through some other site that provided you with a link to that search result? If so, please give me the URL of that site, just for kicks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nerd,

Keep posting those links, man. They are quite interesting. Especially since I spend a lot of time surfing these days.