Sunday, January 09, 2005




Was spending a night out on the streets of Mumbai today with a friend's camera. I am totally not used to this camera but I managed to get an interesting shot or two. The cam is a Nikon Coolpix 3100 - the same series as mine, but only slightly less loaded.

This pic shows the reflection of the lights of Hotel Taj in the waters of the Arabian Sea, at the Gateway of India.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic Rakesh! Mumbai looks so beautiful and glamorous at night. I guess the darkness coves the grime and brings out the glitz. *sigh

Anonymous said...

WoW,That picture evoked a sentimental yearning of mumbai when I was there ,We use to go to the very spot on sundays after our dinner at olympia.Amazing ,how a single pic can make 6 months roll past your very eyes.

Elixir said...

wow...was really long since u posted a pic...n something as beaut as this one...muuuuaaaaahhhhh

Rakesh Pai said...

Thanks Shilpa, Elixir.

Soby, didn't know you were from Mumbai at one time! Nice!