Tuesday, December 21, 2004

GMail Invites Again

I don't know a single person who doesn't have GMail already (ok, I do, but they don't need it anyway), so when I get invites, I turn to my blog.

I've got 4 GMail invites with me. If you want an invite, leave me your first name, last name (yes, seriously - I am tired of making up first names and last names from e-mail addresses), and your e-mail address, and I'll zip you an invite within a day. I have only 4, so I'll give it off to the first 4 who write in.


Elixir said...

hey buddy...welcome back >:D< umm see...i cud relate to ur "gmail"invite post coz it aint techie :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Rakesh, if you get one more invite I would
be very happy if you will forward it to me.

Victor Buta
victor.buta at deuromedia.ro

Thank you in advance.